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Each of our 44 runs has an indoor area for sleeping and eating, and access to a spacious, covered outdoor run that provides natural lighting, fresh air, and exercise.  As well as having "single" runs, we also offer "double" runs that can accommodate multiple canines from the same family.  Each run provides compete separation between "neighbors" for your dog's safety and comfort.  Special, twice daily periods of one-to-one play and exercise are also available for an additional fee.  We consider this "playtime" and it is held in our fully fenced, grass play yard.  The entire kennel is double fenced, has a fire and security system, climate controlled, and plays music.  

Routine is important to our pets so we encourage you to bring your own pet's food.  We will prepare your pet's food based on your specifications twice daily.  We can include medications and supplements for no additional charge.  We do also encourage you to bring bedding or toys from home.  We supply feeding bowls and water bowls.

All the runs are cleaned at least twice daily.  Our cleaning agents are animal safe and environmentally friendly.

We require all dogs to be up-to-date on Rabies and Bordatella (kennel cough).  Please bring vaccination report with you for drop off.  All vaccination reports are kept on file in the office.

Inside Kennel
Inside of Single Kennel
Outside of Single Kennel
Play Yard
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